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Feet Painting

We have been continuing to explore our 5 senses in our Monday/Wednesday Preschool class. Is there a better way to explore our sense of touch than painting with our feet?!

Miss Nicole set up long strips of mural paper on the floor, and two cookie trays with some paint on them at one end.

We took off our shoes and socks and took turns stepping into the paint on the trays and walking down the mural paper.

We asked questions as the children stepped in the paint - how does the paint feel? "Cold" - Mateo, "Squishy" - Bailey, "Slippery" - Miley.

We watched as the colours mixed together on the mural paper. We remembered to use our walking feet as the paint on our feet made the paper very slippery.

Of course we needed to clean our toes off after we were finished painting. Miss Nicole filled a bucket with some warm soapy water and we washed all of the paint off of our toes!

This was such a fun activity - we can't wait to display our feet art in the classroom!

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