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We are Scientists! Colourful Celery Experiment!

Our Monday/Wednesday Preschool class has shown a love for all things science! We have completed a few different experiments at our circle time that stem from their current interest in colours!

On October 4th, Miss Nicole brought our Tuff Tray over to circle for some science fun! She also had some other materials including: celery, cups, water, knife and food colouring. Miss Nicole showed the celery to the children, this began our experiment. The children had the opportunity to explore the celery as it was passed around the circle - how it felt, how it smelled, how heavy it was, what colour it was.

While the children were exploring the stalks of celery, Miss Nicole filled the four different cups with water. She then carefully used a knife to cut the bottoms off of each stalk of celery. As we explored the freshly cut bottoms on the celery, we noticed that we could see lots of little lines running up the stalk of celery. We compared these little lines to straws. Miss Nicole explained to the children that when we place the celery in the cup of water the "straws" will suck the water all the way up through the stalk to the leaves that are at the top. Once all of the stalks were placed into their cup of water it was time for step two!

Miss Nicole carefully added a couple drops of food colouring to each cup. We used colours that would be easy to see: blue, purple, black and red. The children were very curious to see what would happen to the celery when it sat in the colourful water.

We left the celery sitting in the colourful water over the long weekend. When the children returned to school on October 11th, they were excited to see the results of our experiment at our morning gathering time.

It was quite easy for the children to see immediately that the leaves on the celery had changed colour! Some other things we discovered as we looked closely at each cup:

- There was less water in each cup.

- It was difficult to tell the difference between the black and purple cups.

- The one stalk had started to rot at the top.

- The leaves on the celery in the darker colours were wilted, while the leaves in the lighter colours stood tall.

This was such a fun experiment! We can't wait to share our other experiments with you soon!

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